“Inform and Intervene”!

The racist murder-series of the “National Socialist Underground” (NSU) marks a break in Germany’s history. The crimes that the NSU, its network and the part which the authorities played therein, has not yet been solved.

NSU-Watch consists of an alliance of roughly a dozen antifascist, antiracist groups and individuals from across the country who have been dealing with this complex topic for over a decade.

The current core of NSU-Watch’s work includes the close monitoring of the trial at the Higher Bavarian State Court in Munich. We are present on all days of the trial and report via Twitter (@nsuwatch) as well as compiling a detailed protocol.

Alongside preparing a protocol of the trial, the exchange and communication of information about neo-Nazis and the NSU are a central part of our work. Thanks to the antifascist and antiracist (research) groups involved, NSU-watch has access to a comprehensive knowledge of the neo-Nazi scene and the structures involved in the NSU. We create networks between experienced antifascist projects and individuals, including lawyers of the accessory prosecution, where we work together to assess and attain expertise.

More information about our work can be found here Progress Report (November 2013) and here background (April 2013).

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