Liz Fekete: Why the NSU Case matters. Structural Racism in Europe


Across the EU, there is a crisis in governance, and politicians are increasingly seen as unaccountable elites removed from the fears of ordinary people in a rapidly-changing and less secure globalised world. It is the far-right and anti-immigration movements that are benefitting from this crisis, argues Liz Fekete in a talk which also focusses on the growth of an un-democratic and unaccountable Security State. Taking the fight to establish the truth in the case as the model for all future citizen campaigns across Europe, she argues that only a concerted struggle against all forms of racism (popular, institutional, State) and fascist terror can guarantee Europe‘s democratic future. Before coming to Berlin, Liz Fekete, Executive Director of the IRR and head of its European Research Programme, visited the trial in Munich a second time.